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Kevin Cussick

Hi, the firefox problem was still there, but I did some testing and after a bit of mucking about it seems that once I did the update it broke the firefox profile I deleted it and it is working well now. this was a bigger problem for me because I use my own portable install with all addons. and the broken ff profile was in the installer fixed now. but I wonder if the new nvda renders web pages a little differently from the last stable version? as each time I reverted back to stable version it just worked but anyway all fixed now.

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It will be interesting to see if the couple of people with the issue with Firefox on here that most of us cannot duplicate is still there. If it is I think somebody should talk to these people by email and see if some obvious answer can be obtained. it has to be something in nvda that has changed between the last version and this one coupled with some specific issue on those computers. Its obvious from what we  have seen here that its not just the simple  non registration of DLL files bug, or the use of beta versions of Firefox. However there has to be something that makes these installations different to everyone elses.
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Let the party begin!!! Enjoy the new release.
On behalf of contributors for this release, I thank you all for your valuable feedback, suggestions, bug reports and other comments.
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Hi all,
NVDA 2017.3 has just been released.
The announcement including links to the download and What's new can be found at:
thank you as always for all your invaluable contributions!
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