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Yes I never really know whether to bother with this suggestion thingy. I had assumed that these were all bespoke to the program generating them, and as such needed app modules for each, if this is not the case then OK.
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A less talked about feature in 2017.3 is ability to move between spelling errors in Microsoft Word (W/Shift+W), along with significant changes to braille output, and of course, braille input. Although I haven't found a way to do it, I still would like to let Windows 7 and 8.x users hear sounds when suggestions appear, and for Windows 8.x, treat Start screen suggestion items the same way as Windows 10 Start menu suggestions (it is doable).

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Subject: [nvda] windows 7 and new n v d a release

from mack using win 7 64 bit. sounds like the new release primarily benefits win 10 users. I am using 2017.1 and it works just fine. any compelling reason to update at this time. thanks.

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