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I have for example noticed that windows will often slow down if an automatic back up is in progress. You would not normally know this was going on of course and it to some extent depends on how and what to you aare backing up. also sometimes some virus scanners can eat resources if they scan incoming files or do scans with ahigh priority setting.
This was why I kicked out Avast originally.

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Also, from the way your message is written, it isn't clear if the performance problems only happen when you run NVDA or if they occur in general. You said you are new to NVDA but you didn't say if these are general problems or only present when you run NVDA.

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Are you doing anything in particular when it happens (Using Outlook, Firefox, calculator, etc?) and are you using NVDA 2017.3?

Anything else you can think of about your system or what you are doing that might help - and anything that has changed recently.



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I'm new to NVDA and it has been freezing up and running incredibly laggy when it does work. I have a core i 7 laptop with 16gb of memory and a huge hard drive. I'm running windows 10. Any suggestions is appreciated.


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