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Heck its even running fine on XP as well, though only subtle changes exist there I think. Its certainly no worse from my viewpoint. It seems smoother all round in Firefox versions to me. It will, shock horror even work on Internet Explorer 8!
I know as I had to use it yesterday with a current next snap, and there were no issues or errors at all when I downloaded some files from an old site that seemed to work in old versions of browsers.

Some people on here are having issues with firefox and I think I posted about this a bit earlier today, but seeing as I cannot see the problems here, they will have to go to github and add to the relevent tickets if it cannot be solved.
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Hi, I'm using win 7 home addition. I downloaded the latest version of NVDA. It works just fine. Yes it does benefit win ten. There's no reason why it wont work for 7. If you hear something like windows app ignore it its just for ten. It does work for 7.

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from mack using win 7 64 bit. sounds like the new release primarily benefits win 10 users. I am using 2017.1 and it works just fine. any compelling reason to update at this time. thanks.

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