Re: windows 7 and new n v d a release


To be honest you should only have what is needed to start at all times.

So idealy for win7 especially your hardware drivers and your security software and your screen reader.

For win10 I have onedrive coming up, I could clobber it but I have no idea if I can put it back in startup again and so I havn't as such.

I have increased on the workstations having cloud backup software dropbox google, onedrive, icloud.

In addition with your apple or some android hardwre they may need their software to start in order for things to work and so on and so on.

Spotify was a big culpret so is some backup software but understandibly you want that on at all times as well as ups related software and controler software.

Things you don't need are things like skype which uses a lot of memmory off the bat.

Ofcause this aint a problem with the new cpus, ie anything over generation 3-4 intel i series and having solid state drives reduces the need for rules as such.

In fact technically on a 64 bit system it shouldn't matter if all your programs and documents opend on startup.

The rules I put in place were for 32 bit systems especially those that had older pre i series chips where a lot of stuff would bash itself into a wall.

For example to start an old celeron unit If I pulled all the stuff not needed to start and had hardware drivers and security software up and my reader and 1 other program it would work but load more and it wouldn't.

On the other hand back then I could basically bonk all the drivers, all the security software controlers and just about everything and it would still work.

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Well I found that on windows 7 64, it seems smoother, but it depends on what other software you use I guess.

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