Re: what in the world is happening with firefox and nvda


I had to search for the 64 bit version, for whatever reason they do not advertise 64 bit and only the 32 bit version.

And while it probably doesn't make a shred of difference what is the use of a 64 bit processer if we can't run native 64 bit apps?

There are a few things 2 games and some nokia software that just don't work as well as some 16 bit 32 bit games for windows 3x.

Sadly I can't get com0com for dosbox working and I know that should.

But oh well.

Its not the end of the universe if 6 programs didn't work.

I will eventually get a vm for those.

The fact is 64 bit is here to stay and you won't be able to buy 4gb ram systems for much longer, and you can't use all of your ram on 32 bit.

Even with 4gb I have noticed a slight performance increase and stability increase on full 64 bit.

Its true I could stay with 32 bit software but I may as well get used to the new age before I loose it all entirely.

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Not in my case as i downloaded the direct link, not that one from the mozilla web site.

I'm back on 55 non beta now again.
I think though that they should allow the choice of 32 or 64 bit at install time.
Often add ons won't work in the 64 bit version and hence different versions need to be downloaded. In my view there is little to be gained in the 64 bit version for most normal users.
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Fixed (I think!) - in my case it was 64 bit Firefox causing the problem, when I uninstalled this and installed 32bit Firefox it seems much better.

It seems the latest versions of Firefox push a 64 bit install onto any 64 bit operating system. Could this explain why people using the beta saw the problem? In my case it was a new install of FF onto my Win 10 laptop so it gave me the 64 bit version. After uninstalling and a reboot for good measure it took some hunting to find the real 32 bit download (there's a link on the main mozilla download landing page that still installed a 64 bit version).

Hope this helps,

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