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Quentin Christensen

Hi Jacques,

"Automatically report incoming messages", basically does what it says, if someone sends you a message on Skype for Business, you receive a notification.  Original issue: and

One of those issues deals with notifications for messages in existing chat windows, the other for new global notifications.  Skype for Business uses a non-standard implementation which required its own code to work from our end.



On Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 1:27 PM, Jacques Stassen <j@...> wrote:

Hi Quentin / All


I posted a question on this a few days ago, but have not yet received feedback. I am running the latest NVDA snapshot on a Windows 10 Enterprise laptop, using Skype for Business 2016. The below is quoted from the what's new section of NVDA.


"• NVDA now automatically reports notifications in Skype for Business Desktop, such as when someone starts a conversation with you. (#7281) "


Please clarify what could be expected from this new feature? Is it supposed to read out new IM's when in the IM window, name of the caller when a call comes in? I do not find any of these to be the case, so need to know if specific settings need to be enabled to get this to work.


Thanks in advance.


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