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Open nvda menu insert+n

2 times down Arrow

There is a submenu called codefactory

There should it be


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please don't leave the group when you don't want to get mail from it.  Every time you unsubscribe, when you subscribe and send a message, the first message you send has to be approved.  Every new member has to have his first message approved.  This is a setting list administrators can't change.  It is a setting set by the entire list serve administrator.


Please go nomail so that every time you want to start receiving mail and discuss something, the first message you send doesn't have to be approved.  While messages are generally approved quickly or reasonbly promptly, you may wait many hours perhaps six or eight if neeither the owner or I look at the list because we are busy or sleeping. 

To go nomail, send a blank message to

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That will resume single delivery if you have gone nomail.


Regarding your problem, did you shut down NVDA and run it again after installing the add on? 


Also, do you know about the SAPI5 Eloquence from, as I recall Code Factory?  The eloquence in the add on you are trying has lots of annoying artifacts.  The SAPI 5 Eloquence sounds as it should.  You can get a demo of that version as well.  If you have problems finding it, asking here should get you the information. 



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Hi good people:
I've just installed a copy of codefactory elequence expressive ad on
for NVDA, and I am starting with the trial version.
The program has been properly installed, and I've gone through the
settings.  But I cannot find the program in the synthesiser sub-menu
of NVDA.
Please can anyone help me understand what could have gone wrong, or
what I didn't do properly?
I am Ibrahim Ajayi from Nigeria.


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