Re: Browse Mode vs Focus Mode Sound

Andre Fisher

Hi Brian.
When you first start Microsoft Word, NVDA defaults to focus mode so
that you can type text. If you press NVDA+Space, the tone you hear is
that of browse mode. This is where keys like H for heading and K for
link will work, but unless specified, other keys will not go through.
Pressing NVDA+Space will go back to focus mode, so you can type h, k,
etc. again.
If you want to hear 'browse mode' and 'focus mode' when you press the
keystroke, go to the Browse mode dialog and uncheck the Audio
indication of focus and browse mode option.
That second issue is strange. NVDA should behave properly in this
regard. You might want to ensure that you are not in protected mode,

On 4/15/16, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Hello All,

          I am trying to work a bit more with Browse Mode and Focus Mode,
particularly in the context of an MS-Word document, which is giving me more
than a bit of trouble as far as wrapping my head around what I should be

          One of the first things I'm trying to determine is what mode goes
with what cueing sound.  When you hit NVDA+space to switch modes, where and
when you can switch them, one sound is a chime and the other is an
electronic "cheep" of sorts.  Which sound indicates which mode?  I was
expecting a verbal cue like "browse mode on" or "focus mode on" but that's
not what I'm getting.

           Also, I have a 52-page MS-Word document that's chock full of
hyperlinks.  When I'm in what I believe is browse mode and I hit NVDA+F7 I
get the announcement regarding the Elements List, but no dialog box appears
like it does if I'm trying the same thing in a webpage.  I thought I would
be able to get a set of links showing like I do if I'm in Chrome or Firefox
looking at a webpage, but instead listing all the links within the document,
but the dialog box never appears even though it's announced.

           I'm using NVDA 2016.1 and Microsoft Word 2010 running on a
Windows 10 Home, 64-bit machine.  Any guidance or assistance would be much


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