Re: Browse Mode vs Focus Mode Sound

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Brian,

The chime sound you hear is for browse mode. When you hit enter on an edit box, you'll hear a typing sound. That indicates that you're in focus mode. Hope this helps.


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Subject: [nvda] Browse Mode vs Focus Mode Sound

Hello All,

I am trying to work a bit more with Browse Mode and Focus Mode, particularly in the context of an MS-Word document, which is giving me more than a bit of trouble as far as wrapping my head around what I should be doing.

One of the first things I'm trying to determine is what mode goes with what cueing sound. When you hit NVDA+space to switch modes, where and when you can switch them, one sound is a chime and the other is an electronic "cheep" of sorts. Which sound indicates which mode? I was expecting a verbal cue like "browse mode on" or "focus mode on" but that's not what I'm getting.

Also, I have a 52-page MS-Word document that's chock full of hyperlinks. When I'm in what I believe is browse mode and I hit NVDA+F7 I get the announcement regarding the Elements List, but no dialog box appears like it does if I'm trying the same thing in a webpage. I thought I would be able to get a set of links showing like I do if I'm in Chrome or Firefox looking at a webpage, but instead listing all the links within the document, but the dialog box never appears even though it's announced.

I'm using NVDA 2016.1 and Microsoft Word 2010 running on a Windows 10 Home, 64-bit machine. Any guidance or assistance would be much appreciated.


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