Re: nvda and libreoffice

Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Christo,

I find that open office works a little better than libre office. The read-to-end function doesn't work in that either but I can deal with that.


On 3/4/2016 11:04 PM, Christo de Klerk wrote:
Well, it works well upto a point, I would say. Quite a major drawback is that you don't get formatting information with NVDA when you press NVDA+f. I hope this is something that can be addressed soon. Another drawback is that the read to end function does not work; it only reads a paragraph at a time. Another small irritation is that, when you use auto-numbering and arrow up and down your text, the number of each numbered element is read twice.

So, while it is generally accessible, there certainly are usage issues with it. I really wish the NVDA developers would pay more attention to accessibility of LibreOffice, as it is also a free package and much less clunky to use than the MS counterpart.

Kind regards


On 2016/03/04 8:56 PM, Kenny Peyattt jr. wrote:
Yes it is And it works well.
Kenny Peyatt jr.

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is libreoffice or openoffice or both now accessible with NVDA without
the java access bridge? if so which one and which version?

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