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Yeah, 5.1 under msdos 6.22 and in my case with a spanish screen reader called "habla", and with an external spanish synthetizer called "ciber 232p"... good times... I also used Word Perfect 6.0 in msdos and I think I've the disketes somewhere in my home...

I remember something about Word Perfect on Windows, but when I started to use windows I started with ms office... so, nothin to say about it.


El 27/08/2017 a las 19:46, Arlene escribió:
It worked good during its time. I mean word perfect 5.1. It only worked for dos.

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Word perfect? WOW! its development continues? I remember Word Perfect 5.1...

El 27/08/2017 a las 17:15, Arnþór Helgason escribió:
Several years ago I tested Wordperfect and it was almost uncompletely
unaccessible. Does anyone know if it works now?

I have recently come across Libreoffice which seems quite accessible.
Good for those who don't use MS Word.

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Arnthor Helgason

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