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it doesn't make sure you don't get any additional programs.  It knows about a lot of unwanted programs and stops them.  It does not know about every unwanted program.  You still, as a computer user, should check whatever you are installing and/or the download page for any check boxes that relate to anything being installed or downloaded.  I believe that even the discussion of the Unchecky program on the web site makes this point.  When people install programs, they should not skip such explanatory material.  I am not talking about reading a long instruction manual.  I am saying that on web sites, when you are on a page about a program, there is often some sort of discussion about that program and, as I recall that is true of NVDA add ons as well. 

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One way to make sure that you don't get any adware when installing programs is to use Unchecky. It worked very well, and it manages to auto-deselect EA Download Manager/Origin when installing Sims 3 and other programs that have bundles. The installer is accessible, I tried with Jaws but NVDA should work too.

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