How useable are CD phone number databases with NVDA?

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

Has anybody any experience of trying to use a CD database of phone records / electoral roll info? I'm not sure what products are available other than in the UK, but here we have, or have had, CD databases of both residential phone numbers and electoral roll data (details of who is registered to vote in the UK).

There's one come up on eBay, but it's not cheap, so I'm trying to guess whether it'll be useable with NVDA. I used a copy that was free on a UK computer magazine many moons ago, when I was still sighted, and it was the usual database-style edit boxes for names and locations.

Yes, I'm aware there are website offerings that will search for people, but I'm looking for a CD version, if it'll cooperate with NVDA :)

The CD I'm looking at is UK Info Disk 7, dating from 2002. The age of the product doesn't fill me with great hope that controls will be labeled to work with a screen reader, but I can get sighted assistance to describe what buttons are where if needed.

I'd be grateful for any insights from this or similar databases you might have tried with NVDA :)


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