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I imagine a lot of people here are using one of the following.
Outlook from office
Bear in mind my need for Usenet groups.
I am currently using Outlook Express, the original version with the extra code sold by a third party so it can run on later versions of windows, like 7 8 and 10.
However if used in the latter operating system, every time Microsoft do one of their updates it trashes Outlook express and puts it into a folder with other non working stuff.
OK you can reinstall it, but then you have to set it up and import oll the accounts signatures and messages contacts from wherever they went.
It occurred to me that it may well be possible to protect it from this treatment after all we do not want to all be using the silly new mail client that fails again in nvda every time an update happens.
Anyone know of any forum or piece of code that can preserve settings of old programs and put them back or protect them from Windows 10 draconian attempts to improve things worse for us?
Obviously any such routine or work around has, in itself to be accessible to nvda, which is why I'm asking here.

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