Can any one suggest me an institution that provide professional training for the visually impaired

Muklesur Rahman

Hi lists, I am from Bangladesh, a visually impaired. In my country I
am not getting any institutions that will provide professional
training for the visually impaired people. Though there are some
organizations that provide computer training to the visually impaired
people but they are Jaws based which is very expensive and most of the
blind people of my country are not afford to provide that cost.
Moreover, their training is in some limited works that is not enough
to make some one qualified for the profession. Therefore, I am
searching for an institution that allows visually impaired people from
Bangladesh and will provide professional training. Specially, I am
interested to call center/customer
service/receptionist/programming/web site etc.
So, please take my issue seriously and provide me helpful advice.
Thank you.

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