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You install accounts in the typical way.  Assumedly, you are using the ribbons version of the program. 
Open the menu with alt f then look through the menu for options.  Press enter.
A submenu opens.
Look through it for e-mail  or e-mail account settings or something similar.
Press enter.
Atypical e-mail account setup dialog will open.  Presumable, you are well familiar with such dialogs.  If you need more help or are not as familiar as I expect you are, ask here. 
I don't know if you know this, but Ribbon programs have one menu where you find many commonly used items or submenus to such things. 
The newer version of Windows Live Mail has items in the menu you used to find elsewhere.  Options is there, as I said.  And the program is organized differently in this or that other way.  For example, there is no tools ribbon.  Some things such as options that were in tools, are now in the menu.  And message rules are found in the folders ribbon. 

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Hi all! How are you all? Do any of you use Windows Live mail for your emails? If so, can you tell me some steps  in how  can I install  windows live mail with NVDA? I'm just owndering. I want to install windows live mail in my mom's computer and set her email account. On it! However, I don't know if that is possible to do with NVDA guys? My mom has windows 10 in her laptop computer, so I iwll use the portable copy of NVDA that i have in my drive in order to install WLM on her computer and set everything up! On my windows computer I don't have windows 10 there yet i will really appreciate it if you can help me and give me some suggestions regarding this matter! I look forward in hearing form you soon. Thanks and God bless! 

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