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As I said, it knows about a lot.  I don't install a lot of programs and utilities and I haven't seen an instance where it didn't know about something.  I would think, but I don't know this, that if it doesn't know about something, it will simply leave it as it is.  In other words, if a check box, for example, is checked, it will leave it checked.  others may wish to comment further.  I'm simply saying that it is prudent to look for things.  The program, as I said, knows about a lot but it uses a data base and that data base doesn't have information about every unwanted bundled program. 

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How can you tell that it doesn't know about every unwanted bundles? Have you actually tried throwing in some installers with bundles that Unchecky can't detect? Unchecky, so far as I know, has been able to detect and uncheck all the bundles I've encountered and most users will be happy not having to manually uncheck things or accidentally installing things.

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