Re: what in the world is happening with firefox and nvda

Tony Ballou


I started all this madness back on the 20th, and 2 days ago, found the solution to my problem. It's one of those cases when software basically tries to do more than it should and you have to research all of the curves and angles. The problem was caused by a program called hit man pro alert which is now a part of the Sopho's antivirus line of products. It's predecessor which was surf right partnered up with them and it would appear has bought them out. Anyhow, This program supposedly is designed to keep you from getting hit with ransom ware and quite a few other nasties. I'm for anything that will keep you from getting hit from the nasties, however, I am not a fan when you find that all of your browsers are compromised, your screen reader is basically told for all intents and purposes that it is malware and you are locked out of it, with basically all functionality compromised, and it that wasn't enough, when you got connected, you were lucky if you could browse for 2 minutes before being kicked off. Oh and did I fail to mention, if you want to try your hand at using this program, better have somebody with vision and maybe a computer security and engineering degree to try and figure out how to properly configure it to work with your system.

The moral, sometimes what is suppose to protect you can be the one thing that makes you want to pull your own brains out of your head. As for the solution, a simple um-install of the program and a re-install of the original hit-man pro brought everything back to as it should be. Thanks for all your help it was much appreciated You guys rock!


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Mozilla's new 64 bit policy explained:

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