Re: Adobe Digital

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

~I~t has been some time since I touched digital editions, but I thought the standard selection com`mands worked as long as those features weren't blocked by antipiracy measures.  In that case,  shift right arrow should select one letter to the right.  Control shift right arrow should select the next word to the right.  Shift down arrow should select one line elow, and so on.

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On August 28, 2017 9:35:32 PM heinrich@... wrote:

I have Adobe Digital  Editions 4.5 on a Windows  7 machine. I am a sighted user. With or without NVDA, the only way I could select text in an epub was using the mouse (and not getting voice feedback from NVDA in the process).  I could not locate a keyboard method to select text.

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