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Hi Mr. Chikodinaka,
The Vocalizer drivers for NVDA available on the mentioned website are illegal.

On 8/30/17, mr. Chikodinaka Nickarandidum Oguledo
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don't I get vocalizer for free thru

On 8/29/17, Scott VanDeWalle <scottvandewalle2@...> wrote:
Going to go there and try to find this ad-on since I’d be interested in
possible new nvda sounds, just for a change of pace.. smile.


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I use Quincy, but then I would since I made it in the first place.
On sounds, did I nott see an add on that allowed other sounds on the ad

site. I believe eventually the idea is to make this type of option part

nvda. At the moment its awkward as on a standard install, the update
overwrites th sound files in nvda. but there is noting stopping you form
fiddling with them on the current install. they are in a folder called

in the main nvda folder in program fiiles (x86)

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I don't mind the sounds myself. The Max voice in espeak is pretty easy to
understand for me.

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hi how many of you do not like the sounds in nvda i personally do not
the sounds and I would like to create sound packages to distribute them
users who like me do not like the sounds in nvda i like nvda but i do not
like the sounds what do you all think about that i really want to help
people who like me are anoyd of the sounds that come with nvda

for if you persavear. you will conker never fear. try try try again

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