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Hi, speaking of Firefox. I'm using windows 7. Latest build of NVDA. Latest build of firefox. I also have Jaws 14 witch I don’t use much. I used it while doing my online banking using Firefox. It got slightly laggy. Just so you know.

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i could not completely understand the problem.
but if some tabs open for you unwantedly, maybe its an unwanted toolbar or addware, that maybe is harmful for your system.
i recommend that set firefox to the its default settings, check your firewall and see if one unwanted software is connected to the internet and block it.
then again make and use your desire settings in your firefox.
please read this article about maintaining privacy and security of browsers and share it with other people.

On 8/31/17, Giles Turnbull <> wrote:
I read a couple of threads on here about issues with Firefox and I
wonder if anybody has any idea what might be going on with my NVDA /
Firefox situation.

My Firefox updated to 55.0.3 (32-bit) yesterday, and I updated to NVDA
17.3 earlier this week. The problem began occuring prior to this,
maybe two months ago, however, so it's not directly caused by either upgrade.

I use gmail in its basic view setting, and most of the time it works
perfectly. But occasionaly it's started, when I hit enter to open a
message, it throws me out into a tab about 8 tabs further away. The
tab it moves me to is for a Masters degree program that I want to
apply for next year, so I can't figure out any connection between my
gmail tab and that one! The tab in question is
/ (
/ )

It is always that tab, and it doesn't matter if I've opened other tabs
between gmail and that tab, like tonight I've got an additional two
Blind Mice Mega Mall tabs open ... it's always dropping me into the
Masters info tab.

I also can't figure out why it's only occasional emails that do this.
Most open fine when I hit enter, and I stay on the email page, from
where I press the number 2 a couple of times to navigate down to the
message Heading 2, but the times it throws me out of the tab there
aren't any level 2 headings on that page!

Would love any suggestions if anybody has experienced anything
similar. I do currently have 36 tabs open in Firefox,if that has any
bearing on the matter.



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