Re: NVDA or Firefox issue

Giles Turnbull

thanks nasrin, but it's not opening any new tabs, just jumping me over to one of my other open tabs. Brian may well be right that I just have too many open! They are all tabs that I currently need to keep an eye on, so to speak. They are a mixture of information that I need as I prepare my Masters application, my social media (Twitter-related and FB), and numerous poetry submissions and competitions that I'm preparing documents for, so they are all 'active' which it's easier to find as an open tab rather than naviogating up and down the bookmarks list every time I want to look back over the info. I've been a huge fan of tabbed browsers ever since the Netcaptor shell for IE, that introduced tabs back in 1995, long before the likes of Opera, Netscape and IE followed suit ... I guess I just got accustomed to haveing a multitude of tabs open! To be fair, apart from the slow process of each tab having to load as I open Firefox and select re-open last browsing session, I don't find Firefox slows down any great extent by having 36 tabs open :)

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