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For sighted people it makes sense that some people might want a lot of tabs opened.  they can see and immediately click on any tab they want to move to.  Blind people can't do that as a practical matter.  I agree with use of bookmarks, especially with the Firefox book marks feature that allows you to search for any book mark quickly and conveniently. 
If you have enough site to work with bookmarks and a mouse, this message doesn't apply to you.  But the more book marks you have set to open automatically as home pages, the longer it takes the browser to open each time you close it because it has to open every tab you have set as a home page every time. 

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I think maybe you just have too many tabs open. One assumes if focus lags and that tab comes to the fore for whatever reason, it could be that you interact with it, rather than the other one Personally any more than five open gives me a headache. I tend to just use bookmarks and let the page load if I'm not interested in itall the time. to me Tabs are for things you want to keep an eye on so to speak.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA or Firefox issue

I read a couple of threads on here about issues with Firefox and I wonder if anybody has any idea what might be going on with my NVDA / Firefox situation.

My Firefox updated to 55.0.3 (32-bit) yesterday, and I updated to NVDA 17.3 earlier this week. The problem began occuring prior to this, maybe two months ago, however, so it's not directly caused by either upgrade.

I use gmail in its basic view setting, and most of the time it works perfectly. But occasionaly it's started, when I hit enter to open a message, it throws me out into a tab about 8 tabs further away. The tab it moves me to is for a Masters degree program that I want to apply for next year, so I can't figure out any connection between my gmail tab and that one! The tab in question is

It is always that tab, and it doesn't matter if I've opened other tabs between gmail and that tab, like tonight I've got an additional two Blind Mice Mega Mall tabs open ... it's always dropping me into the Masters info tab.

I also can't figure out why it's only occasional emails that do this. Most open fine when I hit enter, and I stay on the email page, from where I press the number 2 a couple of times to navigate down to the message Heading 2, but the times it throws me out of the tab there aren't any level 2 headings on that page!

Would love any suggestions if anybody has experienced anything similar. I do currently have 36 tabs open in Firefox,if that has any bearing on the matter.



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