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Your problem may be caused by UAC.  I believe the command in Vista to allow changes to be made when UAC asks is to use the command alt c.  That is not the command used in later versions of Windows.  Run Narrator and then try installing JAWS and NVDA to see what you hear.  I believe you will hear the UAC dialog and I would expect you will hear, or can tab around to find, the correct command and it's short cut. 
Also, I saw here recently that NVDA cannot be installed on Vista unlessI believe it's service pack 3 for Vista is running.  but I know nothing about that except what I saw in a message from one list member.  Whatever the case, if you run narrator first, you should be able to get information about how to continue installations.

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Good morning list; this is Marv here.  First, I am using a laptop which is new to me, sort of.  It is running the latest version of nvda  and windows vista, I believe.  I am having a problem with nvda  not installing; I also cannot get the screen reading shark to install, either.  If anyone has any suggestions that I might try, I would like to hear them; cheers and thanks in advance.

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