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Felix G.

I just thought what might happen if NVDA simply loses its keyboard hook for some reason, that is, it receives Windows events when, say, a control gains focus, but not when a key is pressed. That would probably create the exact symptoms described here.

Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> schrieb am Do., 31. Aug. 2017 um 12:54 Uhr:

I do actually get exactly the same behaviour roundabout every 5th boot-up - not exact figures, but, as in, not every time, and, can't really predict when it will happen - while NVDA reads out interface elements to me, none of the keystrokes related to any of the numpad keys seem to do their job related to NVDA.

For example, if I am focused on desktop, and try to read current item using the numpad 8 key, it will actually treat it as an arrow key, and move up one row, and, while I have tried toggling numlock on/off, the only real fix is to either reboot, like you said, or if I navigate to system tray, find the NVDA icon there, and hit enter on it, that invokes context menu, and can then activate exit from there, since, yes, the numpad 0/NVDA key doesn't do it's job until I restart NVDA.

And, this has been occurring for a while now, since NVDA 2017.2, but, can't really remember exactly when it started occurring, and, hadn't bothered reporting it here on list since was primarily using next snapshots, and since it occurred inconsistently, but anyway.

Something have been meaning to check out at some stage is to invoke context menu, and, under tools menu, check out view log, in case there's something in there that could help figure out what's happening, but, had honestly just thought it was an issue with my PC, or my keyboard - for example, the right-hand side windows key doesn't cooperate at all on this keyboard, so had maybe thought it was related...<smile>

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On 2017/08/31 08:59, Damien Sykes-Lindley wrote:
It’s rare, but wondering if anyone else has stumbled across this.
Sometimes NVDA will seem to just lose control. There is no pattern as to when this could happen, though it does seem to happen a lot at system startup. The “NVDA” key no longer executes NVDA functions and speech will become rather rusty, not speaking some things at all and not interrupting prior messages. In these cases I either have to completely kill it with task manager or run NVDA with the –q or -r switches. Then again, there was a rare problem where the –r switch sometimes didn’t fix the issue, you literally had to use -q (or the actual exit option if you could get to it) and restart it manually. Not sure if this was the same problem, but still. Seems pretty bizarre.
Also, what are all the executables for? During normal operation, I see three in the task manager, nvda.exe, nvda_eoaProxy.exe and nvdaHelperRemoteLoader.exe. In addition in the NVDA directory, there is nvda_service.exe, nvda_slave.exe, nvda_noUIAccess.exe and nvda_UIAccess.exe. I’m guessing the latter two are different builds of nvda.exe?
Incidentally, unloading nvdaHelperRemoteLoader.exe seems to disable keyboard echo for a lot of things. Wondering if another of its components crashing or freezing or whatever is causing the other problems?
I have recently started running NVDA in debugging mode to try and figure out what exactly causes these bizarre issues, haven’t found anything of yet. Especially since it is quite rare that it happens.

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