Re: Adobe Digital

Jitendra Kumar

Just for information: if any of you use firefox, an extension epub
reader is a great thing, and it has next and previous chapter buttons,
and the layout is divided in frames, the first frame is the navigation
pane, second is the main document and last for next and previous
it is very accessible, and you can open any epub file using open file
dialog from the firefox.
Hth, thank you.

On 8/30/17, Travis Siegel <> wrote:
Mostly because calibre uses a *lot* of resources, and when I extract the
epub files, I don't use any resources at all just clicking on them
(well, on the first one), to load it into my browser, after that, the
only thing I need to change is the last 1 or 2 digits in the address
bar, and that's real simple.  I only change the names of the files to
make it easier for me, it's actually not necessary.

And, besides, why should I convert html to html, it's a waste of time.
The epub books are already html format, and I see no reason to use a 3rd
party program to simply make their names more convenient for myself,
when I can do that myself.

On 8/29/2017 4:15 PM, Rob wrote:
Travis Siegel <> wrote:
It's a lot easier for me to change a number in the address bar of my
browser to move through the pages/chapters than it is to hunt around on
some inaccessible interface, trying to find the previous and next links.
Um, why not just use Calibre (which is cross platform too, by the way) to
convert .epub to .htmlz and read it that way. No skipping around in the
address bar, with split000.html and split00001.html.


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