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Jacques Stassen <j@...>

This occasionally happens to me too, on an i7 machine on Windows 10 Pro. In my case it's Office 365, which, at this point, effectively is Office 2016. I have the shark installed on this system too and have not been able to reproduce the same behaviour with the alternative screen reader. I believe there have been sufficient reports on this with regard to NVDA to make it a point of concern. As stated numerous times, also on my website, I am a staunch user of NVDA, but believe some basic inconsistent behaviour needs to be addressed at this point.


On 31/08/2017 19:13, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:
Please, please, can someone help me with this problem?
Every day now, NVDA is breaking Outlook 2016 as soon as I try to open a sub folder.
I can send and receive messages in the Inbox without any problem. I can send messages into any subfolder from the Inbox. If I try to go to the subfolder from the Inbox using control -y, Outlook hangs and then the following announcement appears:
Microsoft Outlook has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is
Close program
After this Outlook closes and I drop back to the desktop.
I am using Office 2016 in Windows 10 - latest update and NVDA 2017.3 - also latest update.
This problem has been happening at random over the past three months, but, lately, has become chronic.
I am very fond of NVA and prefer to use it for everything. I was astonished to find that JAWS 17 was able to operate Outlook without this problem and that is still the case. I am convinced, therefore, that this is a problem caused by NVDA conflicting with something in Outlook.
All suggestions very welcome! This is really frustrating and I cannot find any solution.
All the best,
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