Re: Dyslexia Accommodations

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Sure, NVDA can be used for that, but it's not really setup for it.  You might be better off using my clipspeak program located at:

It will automatically read anything that is on the clipboard.  You can copy it to the sendto directory in the user directories (not sure of the exact path, but it should be findable readily enough), so that after text is highlighted and copied to the clipboard, a right click then sendto can be selected, and choose clipspeak for the target.  It will load, speak the text, then exit.  It's a few extra steps, but I suppose it could be copied somewhere, a shortcut placed on the desktop, then a hotkey assigned, so that folks could just hit the key combination, and it would load, speak the text, then quit all by itself with nothing required from the students, except to highlight and copy to the clipboard the portion of text they're having trouble reading.  I wrote it for folks that wanted their clipboard text to be read (my wife uses it a lot for that purpose, so she doesn't have to read things to me from her screen when she wants me to know something (like a facebook post or something), it's easier for her to just highlight, copy to clipboard and envoke clipspeak than it is for her to read the whole text outloud, since she has a speech difficulty, and it's not always easy to understand when she's trying to read unfamiliar text.

On 8/31/2017 1:30 PM, Michael Broome wrote:
I'm sorry for what feels like a stupid question. I've read the manual and tinkered with the settings but can't seem to find out if I can use this software for just reading highlighted text...
Is that a thing?
I run a test center with a recent influx of ADA students. They aren't visually disabled, but learning disabled, so need tests read aloud to them.
But they don't need much else read aloud. They can navigate just fine.
Thanks for your time,  guys!


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