Re: Why is installing an addon on firefox such a nightmare!


As a temporary solution, you can do this.  As you will see, it is only temporary.
•Firefox 43: Firefox has a preference that allows signature enforcement to be disabled (xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config). •Firefox 47: (Pushed from Firefox 46). Release and Beta versions of Firefox for Desktop will not allow unsigned extensions to be installed, with no override.
It wouldn't make sense for Mozilla to have a security requirement of this type and give a way to disable it.
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someone told me that in the address bar type about:config.
in the list, search and find xpinstall.signatures.required press enter
to deactivate it.
i read firefox new versions and release note and this problem happened
in firefox since version 41.
hope that help.
thank for your question and god bless you.

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> I am given to believe that this add on is not approved any more, either use
> an older version of the Firefox program, or you have to hack about in the
> advanced settings to turn off approval certification.
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>>  Or am I doing something wrong.
>>  Hello to all. Last night I tried to reinstall webvisum, as I have
>> just baught a new computer. When ever I press the install link, the
>> notifaction to allow firefox to install the addon comes. I've tried
>> pressing alt+a several times, and I've tried pressing the space bar or
>> enter when it seems that I'm on the allow button, nothing works.
>>  I don't remember seeing any other complaints about this from anyone,
>> so is it only me getting something so basic wrong?
>>  Any suggestions?
>>  Ali

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