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kavein thran

It would be nice Can joseph or someone else who are available make the
nvda dev docs 2017.3 with its helper documentation available in zipp?

Advanced thanks for your effort

On 8/17/17, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

I will do so once 2017.3 final hits the air. Note that NV Access has
expressed interest in hosting API docs somewhere once stable builds come



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Joseph: Mind linking to your dev docs somewhere in the wiki? It might help
people who don't know about it, or are new here in the future.

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 2:00 AM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...
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The json module allows data exchange between modules, computers and what
not. I was looking forward for this module being integrated into NVDA, as
this might be used in a research project I'm conducting.
As for things I wrote, I did about a fourth of what I wrote below, namely
the new suggestions behavior, controller for event, making user guide
friendlier and auto-suggest detection in Windows 10. There is a feature
under active alpha testing that partially derives its power from one of my
add-ons, but that's getting ahead of the story.
As for NVDA being my own brainchild, no, that's not true. My role in the
development side of NVDA is that of a contributor, mostly specializing in
documentation, translation coordination, representing add-on writers,
testing braille support, and working on making sure Windows 10 users are
treated with respect through enhancements and bug fixes. In the past, I held
other roles, but I passed my baton to other people, knowing that they can do
better than I did, and I'll be letting go of one more role by this time next
year (but that's reserved for another mailing list).

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nasrin khaksar
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hi joseph.
thanks for your great screen reader.
please explane me about json, i did not understand completely whats it,
whats advantages to be in nvda.
did you include it in appModule of nvda in
God bless you and thanks so much again.

On 8/17/17, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...
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Not just yet. I'll add a zip version once 2017.3 final build goes live.

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kavein thran
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hello joseph,

thanks for the great work. Can I we have this in zipp?

On 8/17/17, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...
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Hi all,

NVDA API docs has been updated to 2017.3 baseline/RC1. This houses
documentation for NVDA source code docstrings as one would generate
from the NVDA screen reader source code. The API docs are hosted on
my website and can be found at:

Note that this is a supplement to the development guides published by
NV Access and the add-ons community.

Key API changes in 2017.3 include:

* Content Recognition module (contentRecog) has been added to allow
OCR engines and their interfaces to provide text recognition services.
At the moment only Windows 10 OCR is available.
* UIA handler: three new UIA events are now recognized: controller
for, system alert, and live region changed. Controller for is used to
let a control depend on another for features such as auto-suggest
accessibility, system alerts are used for various alerts, and live
region changes are caught and announced by NVDA.
* Events: three new events are added: event_liveRegionChange,
event_suggestionsOpened, and event_suggestionsClosed. The new live
region change event announces changes to live regions and objects can
tell NVDA to ignore this event if needed. Suggestions opened and
closed events are used to announce appearance of auto-suggest lists
in various places such as various apps in Windows 10 and in Start
menu, and are applicable in places such as auto-completion boxes in
various IDE's and others.
* New behavior: NVDAObjects.behaviors.EditableTextWithSuggestions has
been added for scenarios where documents and other edit fields
provide search suggestions.
* Unit tests and bug fixes: some bug fixes were possible thanks to
unit tests included with NVDA. It is strongly recommended that you
provide unit tests when you submit code contributions.
* New Python library module: json (Javascript Object Notation) module
is now part of NVDA, so add-ons don't need to include this if
compatibility with 2017.3 or later is desired. If you want to support
older releases, you should continue to include json package.
* Contracted and uncontracted braille input: as a result, it is no
longer possible for braille display drivers to specify commands for
backspace and enter keys, as dot 7 (backspace) and dot 8 (enter and
translate text) will be used to perform these commands.
* C++ side of things: NVDA now uses C++/CX (C++ with Component
eXtensions) when calling Windows Runtime/Universal Windows Platform API.
This is chiefly used to support Windows OneCore voices and to
interact with universal OCR API. As a result, compiling with Visual
Studio 2015 Express is no longer possible - at least VS2015 Community
with Universal Windows Platform SDK support is required.
* Less visible changes: User guide was made more user (and beginner)
friendly, copyright headers were added for some files.

For users: I added the above API changelog to show two things: the
work required to move NVDA to the next level, and to show the work
involved when it comes to contributing to NVDA. This came about after
a discussion on the users list about some folks wanting to contribute
code to NVDA with little to no Python knowledge.

For add-on writers: keeping up with NVDA API changes is essential.
This will become more important as we kick off Python 3 transition.

For developers: I was inspired by a discussion on the users list
regarding code contributions and python's own What's New docs, thus I
decided to write the changelog above. For a brief changelog, see
"changes for developers"
section in the what's new document.



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