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NVDA is more for blind or visually impaired people but at the same time my wife who teaches people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia she uses nvda as a tool.

NVDa can speak what is under the mouse either by character, word, line or paragraph if i remember. What it says under the mouse can be changed under the mouse settings in nvda. You will need to look for the section that says unit which is a combo box and change it.

The mouse tracking must be on as well. Use the nvda key + letter m to do this you should hear it spoken if it is on or not.

NVDa will also speak the clip board but there is a cut off for the amount it reads out. Not tried it with a mouse to high light the area then maybe you might have to use the ctrl key + letter C to copy the text to the clipboard then use the nvda key + letter C to read it out.

She does ajust the back ground if she can in Windows to make it easier or enlarge the text et as well.

I usually do the highlighting with the shift key plus arrow keys to do this.

Then use the ctrl key + letter C to copy to the clipboard then the nvda key + C to read it out if i need to.

But most of the time it is just copy and paste.

Gene nz

On 01/09/2017 05:30, Michael Broome wrote:
I'm sorry for what feels like a stupid question. I've read the manual and tinkered with the settings but can't seem to find out if I can use this software for just reading highlighted text...
Is that a thing?
I run a test center with a recent influx of ADA students. They aren't visually disabled, but learning disabled, so need tests read aloud to them.
But they don't need much else read aloud. They can navigate just fine.
Thanks for your time,  guys!

Check out my website for NVDA tutorials and other blindness related material at Regardless of where you are in New Zealand if you are near one of the APNK sites you can use a copy of the NVDA screen reader on one of their computers. To find out which locations (or location) is near to you please visit (Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa). To find an NVDA certified expert near you, please visit the following link The certification page contains the official list of NVDA certified individuals from around the world, who have sat and successfully passed the NVDA expert exam.

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