Re: lag when writing messages in thunderbird


I would imagine there might be many reasons for this problem and I don't know if the cursor might be one of them.  I doubt it.  I suspect the cursor blink rate is determined by Windows and you aren't having such problems in other places.  I don't know what possible solutions might exist.  A workaround would probably be to write the message in Notepad, copy it the the clipboard and paste it into the message body.  If you try this, check the message after you paste it to make sure the lines are the correct length.  If they are, that would solve the problem, assuming you don't want to do things like use things like italics, underline, etc.

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Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2017 7:39 PM
Subject: [nvda] lag when writing messages in thunderbird

When composing new emails and writing messages in mozilla thunderbird I get significant lag when trying to edit and write messages. Is there a way to change the cursor in thunderbird to a more responsive one?


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