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It is being used in later versions of Windows.  If the person wants to use it, it will run.

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hello helga how are you?
did you try mozilla thunderbird for emails?
its an open source program from firefox company.
i did not know that windows live mail is not compatible with newer
versions of windows.
i use windows xp and it is installed for me by default.
thanks so much and god bless you too!

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> From feedback I have, live mail 16 is needed,this is the one with
> ribbonmenus.
> Would not know if there are any screens that a portable install will not
> access during this on windows 10, but somebody will know. If she has been an
> Outlook Express user, she may prefer the  version of OE a third party has
> built which does not run on windows 10. It needs a small donation to the
> authors via paypal, but you get installation on three machines and support
> via their web forum.
> I do not have the address, but I just searched for Outlook express for
> windows 10 and there are seemingly only two options, one is this normal
> version and the other is a rewrite look alike that doesnot seem to work with
> screenreaders.
>  A
>  couple of words of warning. Whatever you install, if its going to be used
> with any access tech, turn off the preview pane when setting up. It can make
> nvda  do odd things.
>  Also if you try to install the live mal 14 version it seems to get stuck on
> windows 7 and later. It used to work but I think a windows update has messed
> it up.
> If you use OE even on xp, with nvda, occasionally  OE forgets how to display
> messages or to be able to write them. an OE restart normally fixes this one.
> Certainly works on xp and 7.
> Happens if multiple identities are created and the preview pane is on.
>  Brian
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> Hi all! How are you all? Do any of you use Windows Live mail for your
> emails? If so, can you tell me some steps  in how  can I install  windows
> live mail with NVDA? I'm just owndering. I want to install windows live mail
> in my mom's computer and set her email account. On it! However, I don't know
> if that is possible to do with NVDA guys? My mom has windows 10 in her
> laptop computer, so I iwll use the portable copy of NVDA that i have in my
> drive in order to install WLM on her computer and set everything up! On my
> windows computer I don't have windows 10 there yet i will really appreciate
> it if you can help me and give me some suggestions regarding this matter! I
> look forward in hearing form you soon. Thanks and God bless!
> Helga Schreiber
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