Re: problem with latest NVDA

Giles Turnbull

I don't know if this is a similar issue, but two or three times since I've installed NVDA 17.3 I find that NVDA totally shuts up and can't be cajoled back into action other than a hard reset. It happens when I go into system tray menus.

It's usually when I go into Network Settings to re-connect my dropped internet, and as I came out of it there was total silence. It's maybe 1 in 20 times this happens (I have a very flakey internet because I live in a rural part of Wales). Last night when I went to adjust my volume and as I hit enter to open the volume slider all NVDA sound died.

I can CTRL+ALT+Del to go into shutdown options, which speaks with a different voice (presumably using NVDA, but not my regular settings), but if I cancel out to return back to the desktop I'm back to silent mode. I have a shortcut to NVDA on my desktop titled znvda so that it's the only shortcut begining with a z, so I should be able to jump straight to it. I've also tried using Win+R to run NVDA that way, but neither one will re-start NVDA.

To me it feels more like an operating system error, but I've no real basis for thinking that. It only happens once every three or four days max, but I'm going to turn logging on so that if / when it happens again I should have some more informative insight.

Hope that's helpful even just a tiny amount :)


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