Re: Browse Mode vs Focus Mode Sound

Andre Fisher

It is only available in Word unfortunately.

On 4/16/16, Mallard <mallard@...> wrote:
I've updated to 5.1.2, but haven't opened it yet.

I'll check it out, but I'm afraid that function (navigation within
documents) is only woking in Ms Word.

Il 16/04/2016 17:10, Brian Vogel ha scritto:

I can't get NVDA 2016.1 to respond to NVDA+Space to change modes in
Libre Office Writer in Libre Office 5.1. I did get the "there's an
update available" notification when I started Libre this morning but
it's for a minor dot update, not major version update. I'll see if
that changes anything once installed, but I doubt it.

With Office 2010 what's interesting is that if I hit NVDA+F7 to bring
up the Elements List in Excel it works just fine. The Elements dialog
immediately pops up (and, helpful for me, is fully visible). In Word
2010, all I get is the announcement, "Elements List Dialog, Tree
View," with no dialog ever appearing. Using the left or right arrow
buttons to go through the element radio button choice does nothing and
you get nothing announced, and the first hit of TAB gets, "Filter by,
ALT+F." This is in a document that is laden with hyperlinks and, if
memory serves, that should be the element shown by default when the
Elements List is invoked. I'm doubly stuck because I don't have the
visual element to be able to see what NVDA seems to be doing, it just
doesn't ever show up on the screen and I know darned well that I have
plenty of links in this document.


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