Re: Why is installing an addon on firefox such a nightmare!



           Gene is correct.  Additional security measures are often implemented with a period of transition where they can be disabled to give developers who are not proactive (and the users of their products) time to get things ready for firm enforcement.

            All add-ons will require digital signature in the not too distant future.  Any unsigned add-ons that are currently functioning in the latest version of Firefox are doing so because tweaks have been made by the user to the "deep" browser settings to override the digital signature requirement.  You will not be able to make that override in perpetuity.

            It makes no sense whatsoever to leave gaping security loopholes because "it's easier" for developers and end-users who don't want to keep up with threats that have been identified to make additional security necessary.  Certain developers simply stop working on things for other reasons, too, and it's quite clear that WebVisum is dead in the long term.  The digital signing done on the work-around version is just that, a work-around, but no one's keeping anything up on the back end which is necessary for ongoing viability.


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