Don H

OK so here is my problem with using the NVDA OCR function.  I have a JPG file that I know contains text.  I actually sent it to Joseph Lee to try OCR on it.  He got it to work reading all the text in the jpg.

I followed the exact same steps and all I get is the first three lines of the text thus not getting most of the information.

I am running latest version of NVDA on a win 10 64 bit machine.

here is what I am doing.

I find the jpg file in file explorer.  I hit enter on it and it is opened by Windows Photo viewer.  I use insert numpad 2 and it says graphic.  I hit NVDA key r and get the result screen.  I use the arrow keys to read the result screen and only get a partial of what is in the jpg.

What the heck am I doing wrong.


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