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It really depends on what it is you are displaying in focus at the time and although it seems to work for programs where there is no text on buttons, only a picture of them, quite how you might use this to make such software accessible is not clear to me. Its good for things like text on a screen that you cannot read, but how would one map the buttons if the maker has not done this properly in the first place?

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i am not familiar with ocr, but i think that it scans just images and
inaccessible programs, not entire screen!

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Hi. press enter on jpg file to open, and full screen it with alt + enter
and press insert + r

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OK let me expand on my issue.
I have a jpg file listed under file explorer. I arrow down until it is
highlighted and hit NVDA key R. The results of the ocr is not that of
jpg but the entire file explorer screen. So maybe my question should be
how to get focus for the OCR to be the jpg file and not the whole screen.

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