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In an installed version it is indeed in the temp folder, though there are moves afoot to delay installs that might mean putting it in the download folder. I don't know if this has been decided as yet.
In a portable version you launch the default browser and download it there and of course you can then save it where you like. If its in temp then it will not last, obviously!

I often find that Firefox can download the file faster than nvdas own downloader. Also note that Firefox sometimes will put up a message not read by nvda saying this is not a normally downloaded file, after beeping almost to the end of the download. If this seems to just stop with no completion use the context menu in the download box of Firefox to tell it to download it and it will end. this normally only happens if you run a snapshot portably.
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Hi all,

Out of curiosity, how do the automatic NVDA updates work? I assume it checks the update server and then downloads the new installer and automatically runs it to update NVDA files. Is the installer saved somewhere like the temp folder? Is it deleted automatically once the update is complete? If this is all correct, great! If not, please correct me.



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