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I don't thin he is demanding anything, to be honest.
Its a bit like when you have lived in a place for ages and have to move out so it can be knowcked down and a new house built that is all.

Bitter sweet.

PS I came across an old lady still using windows 98 last week. For email and letters no problems.
She had an old copy of Supernova on it.
version 5 something.
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On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 10:59 pm, zahra wrote:

i realy cant and dont want to use any version than xp forever!
Then you must understand that choices have consequences. Your choice has consequences. You bear responsibility for that choice.

Please stop demanding that software companies continue to support an operating system that its own maker has not supported for 8 plus years now. This is what is known as a completely unreasonable demand and expectation. It is not ever going to be met, nor should it be.

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