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Quentin Christensen

I see the issue you created on GitHub has been closed as it was a duplicate of another issue:  That original issue is still open.  It does work in Excel 2016.

There have been a couple of issues caused by the way Excel does editing cells - another one is reading formatting (and particularly formatting where an entire cell is not formatted uniformly).



On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 8:26 AM, Dmitriy <dlazarev86@...> wrote:

Hi again,


As I stated before, I’m using Windows 10 Creater’s Edition with Excel 2010, and NVDA version 2017.3.

I’ve already tried the below steps with all of the add-ons disabled and It still doesn’t read what I need it to read.

I go to any of my already created Excel spreadsheets, and locate a cell I want to work with like a27.

So I go there, press f2 to get to the editing of the cell.

It reads everything when I’m moving through the text with left and right arrow keys.

However, when I want to select a portion of that text either character by character shift+right arrow key or word by word ctrl+shift+right arrow key, NVDA doesn’t read anything I’m selecting.

Obviously, when you press ctrl+c to copy the text it’ll go to the clipboard no problem, but the fact that you don’t know what’s been selected and copied, really bugs me.


Maybe there is a solution which I could implement to make everything work as it should.

I’ve tried key echo, and it still behaves the same way.


On the other hand, when I’m using Google Sheets, pressing f2 and then selecting text with shift+right arrow makes everything read as it should.


Thanks for any help.



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