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I never use alt m and I don't know what that command does.  If you are reading mail as plain text using the ribbon version of Windows Live Mail and NVDA, simply opening the message by pressing enter won't allow you to read the message in the usual way.  I don't know what the case is with other screen-readers.  Using the preview pane does allow you to read it in the usual way.  In other words, in the message list, move to a message you want to read.  If the preview pane is on, as it is by default, tab once to be in the preview pane.  Issue the read to end command and the message will be read.  Once finished, either shift tab once or tab twice to get back to the message list.  Then do whatever you want, delete the message or move to another message or anything you want to do in the program. 
While I think the preview pane should be off if you read all mail as html, if you read mail as plain text, there is no security risk having the preview pane on.
When reading mail as html, you don't have to use the preview pane.  You can simply press enter to read the message so you can conveniently have it off. 

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Hi, Brian,
I just installed windows live mail but I do have a question. How do you get NVDA to see the message body? I have to hit alt M and enter for NVDA to see the message body.

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Windows Live Mail, along with Thunderbird, are the two most screen-reader friendly no-cost e-mail clients that I've worked with in recent years.

I have no problem with WLM 2012 with NVDA nor with JAWS, and I never turn the preview pane off for two reasons:  it's on by default and if you do want someone sighted either to help you or just to take a look at something it's very convenient.

If your mother is not already familiar with a specific e-mail client I'd suggest Windows Live Mail 2012.  There is really no purpose in using the older versions of the program for someone who's got to learn from scratch to begin with.  The ribbon system is here to stay and it's putting off the inevitable to try to avoid it.  Do not use Outlook Express, even if you can get a hacked copy.


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