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Actually, lack of some privacy and distribution of data is a lot to do with how we can afford to be on the internet and have affordable products. Advertising is another way, but more and more companies are realising that adverts piss folk off when overdone and in our case, they can make an accessible site completely useless so we put in ad blockers then sites stop you accessijing them till you allow adverts etc.

The big snag with privacy issues is not the collection of data but who gets it and what use they put it to. In a benign world that would be OK but today with unexpected happenings, you just do not know.
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i agree with you about privacy.

On 9/2/17, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Well I do think this spying thing is a bit to overboard.

Privacy is so overboard all the world is cloud based its everyone
watching everyones back.

The only times its bad is.1. you do something bad, like really bad bad
enough for people to notice.

2. you get hacked and that can happen to just about anyone so its not a
real big reason.

3. if something screws up.

I have had it where I was going away on a trip and had to do the
government benifit thing filling out how long I would be away to make
sure things went right and I didn't get cut off.

Came back to find that I had been cut off.

Rang the people and they said there was a system crash and my data was
never filed.

So the system sent a message but as I was way below the cut off date
they didn't deem it necessary to do much about it.

The result of that was that I got a few useless messages from a system.

In a more extreme case though we lost all net service for a while
because a cloud datacentre just happened to have a drive failier which
shut down a lot of things.

But the thing is things are changing.

This spying lark well you can adjust the settings but I put it like the
y2k thing.

There are movies about y2k being an apocolipse.

A lot of programs were released to counter y2k, the same goes for
spying, and you can turn a lot of stuff off including cortana and
windows update which is spying as well as a lot of windows things as
long as you pay the programmer and maybe get spyware in your system.

Even if you don't use the net yourself you will encounter it from time
to time from government to well banks.

You can't avoid it just continue as you are.

On 2/09/2017 1:03 p.m., Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
The only reason that I can think of of not upgrading to Windows 10 is if
you really don't want Microsoft to spy on you. But for not upgrading to
Windows 7? I can't think of any valid reasons...there are second hand
Windows 7 computers available at local department stores at cheap prices.
Even my desktop which I got in 2011 with 8GB of RAM and 3.3GHZ Intel Core
I5 costs less than 30000 Thai baht (might be even less than 25000 Thai
I still like XP though; it's the first OS that I remember using as a
child. I have a Windows XP virtual machine set up so that I can play with
it whenever I want, without damaging my actual computer.

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