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That is true, but luckily, you can add a couple of years to that date as we did more than this with xp. As I said, to my knowledge the main reason in the well off world for keeping xp is mainly due to the computer interfacing with expensive medical gear whos makers won't make new drivers for. they want you to rebuy the hardware ripping of the state run NHS in the process.

This has been why they paid Microsoft to support XP till the end of last year.
My last update to XXP was rather surprisingly just this March and this was due to the ransomware network bug being found.
So Microsoft are not all maney grabbing, they did fix an old system and good for them for doing it.
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But just because Microsoft collect usage information should not be why you shouldn't stay away from Windows 10. I agree that this privacy concern is too...over exaggerated.
Going back to the subject of old unsupported Windows versions...if I am in a situation where my Windows XP machine is too ancient to run even Windows 7, I'd get a second hand desktop that already comes with Windows 7 SP1, which is much cheaper. This way I could continue to update NVDA and other programs and also receive security patches from Microsoft.
But to be honest, my experience with recent versions of NVDA on Windows 7 is that...there's not much difference at all. This is because most of the bug fixes and new features are aimed at users of Windows 10. Soon Windows 7 will meet the same fate as Windows XP as end of life for Windows 7 is only a few years away.

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