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Patrick ZAJDA

Hi Gene,

Pull requests are code contribution from another Github repos.
You fork the NVDA git repos on your Github account, make your code
contribution then submit it by creating a pull request.

It facilitates code merging.


Le 03/09/2017 à 15:28, Gene a écrit :
What are pull requests?

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I asked this some time ago, and Jamie sent me some stuff. There is now a
issues link and also a search field, but I've never found the search to be
very intuitive and I suspect this is why so many duplicate issues get filed.

Quinton sent me this also. -
there is a search edit on that page you can type your query in to see if
there's an existing issue (open or closed, though note it will only show
open issues at first by default) which deals with what you are looking for.

To post a new issue, there should be a "new issue" button on most pages.
Activating that will take you here: with the main components being
a title edit and a "leave a comment" edit where you can describe your issue
in detail.

However recently some guidelines are now in there for fields that prompt
to give useful information as well.

One thing that I do not like about it is that it does not send an email to
you even if you are subscribed to its list, you only see others comments.
However when you reply via email, you really do need to edit off quoted
stuff as otherwise looking at the issue on line gets very confused. I
occasionally forget myself. Also, it won't send you back these emails
I am not sure who came up with this rule but its bonkers if you use the
email list to know where you are, as to see your own comments you either
need to find it in your own sent folder or go to the website.
Anyway, I've had my say.
Problems? Well...
The biggest issue I had was creating the account in the first place and
getting past all the stuff that is just not relevant.

You can attach files, but thus far I've not made this work!
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I just looked at the Github NVDA part of the site. I haven't signed up yet
but it looks easy to do so and to create a pull request, which I assume is
what is generally referred to on this list as a ticket. But many people
find the page confusing. Is there a way that some sort of short help
information can be inserted after the navigation links on the page,
instructing people what to do to create what are called tickets, perhaps
also how to search for tickets and how to create an account? If tickets
desired from the widest variety of users, this process should be somehow
explained and done so in a place that those wishing to create tickets will
be likely to see the explanation.


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