Re: Github

Lino Morales

Good point sir. Ive seen Get Hub's pages in the past and its confusing as heck.

On 9/3/2017 7:34 AM, Gene wrote:
I just looked at the Github NVDA part of the site.  I haven't signed up yet but it looks easy to do so and to create a pull request, which I assume is what is generally referred to on this list as a ticket.  But many people may find the page confusing. Is there a way that some sort of short help information can be inserted after the navigation links on the page, instructing people what to do to create what are called tickets, perhaps also how to search for tickets and how to create an account?  If tickets are desired from the widest variety of users, this process should be somehow explained and done so in a place that those wishing to create tickets will be likely to see the explanation.

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