Re: Question Regarding how my name is shown here

Antony Stone

So, how is your name shown as "Marshall handheld Flax" then?

I subscribe to the list by email (ie: not the web interface) and my name is
shown as "Antony Stone".

No mention of "via" in either of our names...


On Monday 04 September 2017 at 00:00:31, Marshall handheld Flax wrote:

I believe you can't, and that's probably a good thing. This way recipients
can tell the difference between emails sent directly by you and emails
resent by In the latter case, the recipients must trust that is faithfully relaying your emails. In this case, we probably
trust, but you might not trust other relayers, so it's good to
know who is doing the relaying.

On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 5:49 PM, Noah Carver via Groups.Io wrote:

I write my messages to the group using thunderbird. I noticed that when I
write a message, it Comes up as "Noah carver via". How do I get
it to just display my name?


Please apologise my errors, since I have a very small device.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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