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Really? Windows being stupid? what a shock!
I'd be careful with sfc. If you do ask it to restore and register all the dlls as default this can, and does screw up any program installed that used its own version of a known dll, usually meaning it has to be repaired or reinstalled.

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Well have you run the windows update troubleshooter?

Failing this the windows update readyness tool.

there is sfc/scannow as well as the dism/online/cleanupimage/restorehealth.

If neither of these work, windows is being stupid.

Does it happen on other systems.

If it doesn't you maybe need to reformat and reinstall windows.

If it does or you have no other thing to test this with then it could be a net issue.

I had the same issue with ms once on old win7 x86 some of this solution may still be valid I kept it about.

Hi Shaun Everiss,
It was my pleasure to work with you on your Windows 7 service request 1187621400. I hope that you were happy with the service provided to you.
Based on our last conversation it appears that this service request is resolved and ready to be archived. If this is not correct or premature please let us know as soon as possible.
My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Technical Support leaves you delighted with our products and services. Here is a summary of the key points for your records:
Action: Tried to download Windows Updates
Result: Failed, error 0x084402f
Cause: Possible connectivity issues, manual updates needed.
Downloaded System Update Readiness Tool:
Changed DNS Server:
From Network Connections, right click on your LAN connection, choose properties.
Select IPV4, choose properties, change the DNS Server:
As we are concluding our efforts on this issue, we hope you will take a few minutes of your valuable time to complete a customer satisfaction survey (web survey), which you will receive an invitation via e-mail. Your continued feedback is very much appreciated and valued.
Thank you for choosing Microsoft.
Microsoft Technical Support ANZ
Support Line: AU 132058 |NZ 0800 800 004 | Email: <<auto agent e-mail>>
Support Website :
Support Hours : Australia 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM AEST | New Zealand 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mon - Fri)
Exciting new features with Windows 8! Want to know more? Kindly visit this link;

In that there is something to do with dns settings, fiddle with those and maybe it works maybe it doesn't then put them back.

You may also want to get your lines tested though to be honest I have no idea what one can do with newer wireless and voip and other services.

If you ring your isp they may refresh your connection and usually it works but if it doesn't they may send someone to look at the connections.

Win10 should be fine, however I had issues with my uncle's server, his security software and a wireless card.

The system got a lot of what it thought was malware and other things some was junk and I cleared it but the security software got to good for itself and mangled the account and the system.

After recreating the mangled account and a few other reinstalls of some things, I traced the issue to faulty hardware and replaced it.

On 4/09/2017 10:16 a.m., Andrea Sherry wrote:
I have an update problem with Windows 10 pro 64 bit and would like suggestions for a list I could consult please.


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