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slery <slerythema@...>

It seems to work when NVDA is not running. Will do more testing and try
narrator as someone suggested.

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Look back for Sakina's message about Outlook 2003 also stopping for no
apparent reason. I am wondering if this is a Microsoft issue, not an nvda
one concerning something in Office. Brian

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I have this problem constantly. It is so bad now that I cannot use any
folder other than the one that is open.

For another problem, my computer was recently reset (office 365 and NVDA
were both among the programs reinstalled. This reset has allowed my
computer to finally get creators update (1703)). The problem with Outlook
is at it's worst.

On August 30, 2017 1:21:20 AM "laura cornwell" <cornwelll627@...>

Well I am having the same trouble and I don't know where this could
be coming from I would also like to know now when I use the screen
reader that

comes with Windows outlook works fine. all the best to fixing this
trouble. On 8/25/2017 5:31 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:
I have Outlook 2007 and it works fine with NVDA until I try to read the
status bar using NVDA+end when Outlook stops working and I have to
it. This has occurred in quite a few versions of NVDA up to 17.2. I'm
saying it's an NVDA problem, it may be something to do with the
between the information exposed by Outlook and how NVDA obtains it
causes it. I doubt MS would do anything to solve it, so I just avoid
using that keystroke.



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Hi everyone,

I am running Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 with the latest update of NVDA.

Over the past month, I have found that outlook stops and runs out of
almost every time (four times a day) that I check my emails. I notice
problem particularly when I try to swap between folders. This generates
message that Outlook has stopped working and will close. Today, I
downloaded the newest update of NVDA and yet the problem is still

I unloaded NVDA and brought up JAWS. With JAWS running I am able to swap
between folders without any delay so I am convinced that NDA is causing

Before loading JAWS, I had a very full outlook .pst file and reduced
from 1.2g to 200mb. I have no addins so that can't be the cause.
Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there a known solution?

I would really value a response as I much prefer to use NVDA rather than

All the best,


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